New Flyer sponsor: GCM Computers

GCM Computers, located at 101 West Mountain St., Suite 101 just off the Fayetteville square

You know what is really frustrating? Having computer issues.

You can’t print. Your email isn’t syncing with the network. Some of your applications are hogging all your memory, bogging everything down and causing your PC to run at a snails pace. That, or one of a million other things is going wrong.

You know what’s even more frustrating? Trying to rely on someone in another area code (or another country) to try to help you solve the issue over the phone.

Luckily in Fayetteville, whether it’s simple, personal computing issues or more complicated networking and programming for business you need, there are some local folks that can solve just about any computing or technology problem.

They happen to be just over on Mountain Street, just off the Fayetteville square.

Gary McLendon (left) and Barton Hodges of GCM Computers

GCM Computers, located at 101 West Mountain St. in Fayetteville, has been around since before the PC revolution began. The company, founded in 1983, however, has grown over the years to handle just about anything their customers can throw at them.

Founder Gary McLendon and partner Barton Hodges both graduated from the UA with engineering degrees, and the company has grown around them to add expertise in just about any area relating to computers and networking. They can build PC’s for individuals, or complex computer systems for offices or other businesses. They are a reseller for Dell, HP, IBM, and other computer brands.

They offer website hosting, domain, and email services. They offer remote administration and general IT services.

They can repair. They can service. They can consult. They can set up your network. They even have a store with rebuilt and refurbished PCs and tons of odds and ends cables that Radio Shack doesn’t even carry.

And, they’ve never met a customer’s custom issue they wouldn’t try to solve.

All of that, and they’re some of the nicest, most un-pretentious guys you could ever meet who are easy to talk to, and eager to help.

They’ve built their company, above all, on customer service, and frankly, there’s a reason they’ve been around for more than 30 years in a time when technology has changed more rapidly than any other time in history.

We’re thrilled to be working with them as the newest sponsor of the site, and hope you guys will help us welcome them to the Flyer family by giving them a call when you need, well, pretty much anything related to computers.

Welcome aboard!

GCM Computers

101 West Mountain St., Suite 101
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Store Hours:
Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

On the web: Website / Facebook