AD: Westwood Gardens grows 12k poinsettias and brings in cut Christmas trees for holiday season

All photos: Courtesy, Westwood Gardens

Westwood Gardens has been hard at work growing over 12,000 Poinsettias right here in Fayetteville.

And now…they are ready to go home for the holidays!

Poinsettias are actually tropical plants that have been adopted for the holiday season due to their seasonal red (and white) colors.

Westwood’s greenhouses have been full of these tropical plants for the past several months, where their gardeners meticulously care for, water and monitor the poinsettias.

So why all the hard work?

“Most poinsettias have traveled a long, hard road in dark trucks to get to the big box stores,” said Stephen Black, co-owner of Westwood Gardens. “We grow them here locally so that our customers get the healthiest possible plants. Poinsettias coming out of a greenhouse to your home have brighter more vivid color that lasts longer.”

Westwood has 15 different varieties of specialty poinsettias including red, pink, white, variegated and even one variety that resembles a rose. Westwood has sizes from mini 2″ poinsettias all the way up to huge 14″ (7 plants in one pot).

What you may not know is that red “bract” on top of a poinsettia actually isn’t the bloom, The small yellow “popcorn kernels” in the center are the real bloom.

On top of the thousands of poinsettias, Westwood also has lots of fresh-cut & living Christmas trees, fresh wreaths, garland, and lots of home & garden decor for the holidays.

According to Black, Westwood brings in premium-grade cut Christmas trees.

“We bring in our fresh cut Christmas trees from the areas of the country they grow best (and naturally). Once they arrive, we cut them, stand them in water, spray them with anti-transpirant, and keep them in the shade so they stay fresh,” said Black.

Stop by Westwood Gardens for all your Christmas décor & gardener’s gifts this year!

Westwood Gardens is a family-owned and operated business that has been selling plants for over 35 years. They grow the majority of their plants right here in Fayetteville – that way, you get the freshest, healthiest plants for your garden.

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