AD: Con Quesos announces soft opening in Fayetteville

Northwest Arkansans presented with new restaurant option serving fusion tacos

A new fast-casual restaurant featuring tacos from around the globe, Con Quesos, has announced soft openings occurring on January 6th and 7th from 6p-9p. Guest can RSVP for either or both nights at

Con Quesos is a fast-casual fusion taco restaurant that offers fresh ingredients in its eclectic menu. The restaurant breathes life into the fast-food laden Martin Luther King Boulevard just south of the Fayetteville campus. Con Quesos is founded by Omar Kasim, a Spring 2015 Walton College Graduate at the University of Arkansas.

“At Con Quesos, our passion is creating innovative art using tortillas as our canvas,” said Founder and CEO of Con Quesos Omar Kasim. “We seek to bring a taste of innovation to Fayetteville’s restaurant world.”

The tacos will feature flavors unique to different cultures around the globe with Mediterranean, Southern BBQ, Middle-Eastern, Jamaican and Tex-Mex tacos being just some of the options available. Con Quesos aims to provide an entirely unique experience for Northwest Arkansans to enjoy delicious food and a lively environment. Omar graduated from the Walton College of Business Magna Cum Laude in only three years. His decision to pursue a restaurant startup immediately upon graduating came from a dilemma he faced while attending the university.

“Fast-Casual options are limited around campus, particularly late at night,” said Kasim. “Students want a restaurant that provides quality food along with a fun atmosphere.”

The restaurant also showcases a variety of specialty cheese dips, a dish invented in the state of Arkansas and inspiration for the restaurant name,” Con Quesos.”

Con Quesos is located north of MLK Blvd. in the Blue Top Liquor building, between Razorback Rd. and S. Sang Ave.

To learn more about this local alumni startup, inquire about catering options, and to see Con Quesos’ full menu visit


Con Quesos is a fast-casual taco shop that focuses on showcasing flavors from around the world in our tacos. Our mission is to create innovative art using tortillas as our canvas. Con Quesos is not just a taco shop, it’s a taco culture. To learn more about Con Quesos and keep up with current events and news, like us on Facebook @ConQuesos, or follow us on Twitter @ConQuesos and Instagram @Con.Quesos.

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