Fayetteville Black History Month festivities to kick off Feb. 1

Courtesy graphic

A month of events celebrating the city’s second annual Black History Month kicks off next week in Fayetteville.

City officials announced the month-long celebration with an official proclamation by Mayor Lioneld Jordan read at a news conference on Monday.

The event is organized as part of the Month of Compassion, an effort led by Compassion Fayetteville through the Fayetteville Forward Economic Accountability Council’s (FFEAC) Inclusion Group.

Black History Month events kick off with a Privilege Walk and Talk on Monday, Feb. 1 at the Yvonne Richardson Center in Fayetteville.

After that, an essay contest, as well as several art and community events are planned to commemorate the occasion.

The event will also include a month-long photography exhibition at Fayetteville Public Library, featuring Andrew Kilgore’s 20 portrait collection titled Let There Be Light: 100 Black Men.

Organizers are also conducting a needs survey designed to “gain insight on the perceived needs and assets of various demographic community in the Fayetteville community.”

A full list of events associated with the celebration is available at compassionfayetteville.wordpress.com.