“Stop, donkey, stop!” Watch Fayetteville police chase a donkey down Old Wire Road

File this under “Wish I’d seen it in person.”

Fayetteville police responded Friday to a traffic hazard report after two callers told dispatchers they’d just witnessed a “horse or donkey” running eastbound along Old Wire Road near Elmwood Drive at around 1:30 p.m.

Once on the scene, police and animal services officers discovered a white donkey in the front yard of a home just north of Overcrest Street. The officers nearly harnessed the animal after offering it “a treat” (huh?), but the donkey wasn’t fooled. After a brief chase along the northbound lane of Old Wire, the donkey took a right onto Stewart Street and eventually surrendered in someone’s driveway.

It’s unclear whether the animal was too tired to continue or if it was simply obeying the officer’s command to “Stop, donkey, stop!”

The animal has since been safely reunited with its owner, according to Fayetteville Police Sgt. Craig Stout.

The video was first released on the department’s Facebook page, accompanied by the kind of humorous narrative Fayetteville residents have come to expect from Sgt. Stout and Corporal John Snyder.

A YouTube version is embedded above.