AD: Actors on tables, beers in the audience: Get ready for Scottish troupe’s ‘Strange Undoing’

All photos: Johan Perrson

Coming to the newly renovated Starr Theater next weekend, the National Theatre of Scotland’s The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart, an immersive show about a student stranded in a snowstorm (you can help create the snow!) who stumbles upon a lively bar where she gets tangled up in a traditional Scottish “folk night” that devolves into a raucous, drunken celebration.

Mixing spooky tales and traditional Scottish music with riotous partying and metaphysical romance, this show invites the audience members to live inside the tale. Take a seat at a communal table, grab a “wee dram” of whiskey from the cash bar (open before, during and after the show) and join in the fun, as the actors romp around the room, hop on your table and invite you to sing along.

“The fact that the actors are right in and amongst the audience means they have to be absolutely in the moment,” says Wils Wilson (who crafted the show with playwright David Greig). “When they do that the audience responds and all their imagination, emotion and humor come out too.” Sitting in a bar, rather than a theater, and around a table with drink in hand “relaxes people and intrigues them.”

Shows of Prudencia Hart have sold out across Scotland, around the world and now the National Theatre of Scotland makes its way to Northwest Arkansas to perform in a “resurrected speakeasy” inside the newly renovated Starr Theater. The first performance (on May 5) will be the first public show in Starr Theater since its reopening.

The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart comes to Walton Arts Center’s Starr Theater for four shows May 5-7. If you love innovative theater… or Scottish pubs… don’t miss it! Tickets are $25. To purchase yours or to learn more about the show, visit

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