New Flyer Sponsor: Underwood’s Fine Jewelers

Laura and Craig Underwood

Photo: Courtesy, Underwood’s

As our regular readers know, the Flyer is able to do what we do on a day to day basis thanks to the support of some incredible local businesses.

We don’t charge our readers anything to read our stories. All of our work is free, open, and available to everyone (and we intend to keep it that way), and we’re able to do that thanks to these locally-owned businesses that have stepped up to be sponsors of the site.

We’re incredibly proud to be working with these local places that have decided that you, dear readers, are exactly the type of people they want to do business with.

Some of them have been part of the fabric of this community for decades, and a handful of them have been around for more than half a century. Obviously, those folks are doing something right.

That’s exactly the case with our newest sponsor, Underwood’s Fine Jewelers.

The longtime local business was founded by Bill Underwood, who opened his first store in the building currently home to Lauren James on Dickson Street way back in 1957. He built his business, and his reputation on one seemingly simple concept; the diamonds sold in his store were going to be the absolutely best quality – both in clarity and in cut – that money could buy. That same commitment to excellence still guides the company today.

Razorback pendants crafted on site at Underwood’s

That’s not just window dressing, either.

Underwood’s operates the most advanced gem lab in the state, and when most jewelry stores rely on the expertise of a single CMA (Certified Gemologist Appraiser), Underwood’s employs five on staff. That means that every diamond sold in the store is checked, rechecked, and then checked again by some of the most talented folks in the business. On top of that, Underwood diamonds are also scrutinized by some of the most advanced equipment on the market, utilizing laser technology to measure their brilliance and ensure that they really are selling only the best of the best

Craig Underwood, Bill’s son, who took over as president of the company in 2001, said it best.

“95-percent of the diamonds that we look at get rejected,” he said. “That means only 5% of the cream of the crop have what it takes to be an Underwood diamond.”

Despite their high standards, Underwoods is still able to save their customers money by buying their gems from the sources around the world. Cutting out the middle man allows them to offer a superior product for a much better price.

Their award-winning designer is actually on site at their store, which means that a majority of their jewelry is created right down on Dickson Street.

In the past few years, the company has won not one, but two prestigious CASE Awards for designs created right here in Fayetteville.

As far as their jewelry itself, the store is filled with a huge selection of engagement rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, wedding bands, broaches, necklaces, and more.

Just one of several pieces at Underwood’s to help you show your Razorback pride on gameday

The store also carries a huge selection of custom Razorback jewelry that make great gifts for the Hog fans in your life.

Craig and his wife Laura, who are handling most of the day-to-day operations at the store these days, are also some of the most interesting and nicest folks you’ll ever meet. In addition to running the store, Craig is also a talented nature photography, and spends his spare time capturing the beauty of the Arkansas Ozarks, and nature in general wherever he may travel (he let us convince him to share a few of his images below).

Even their building, located at 611 W. Dickson Street, has an interesting place in the history of Fayetteville. Famed local architect Fay Jones, who was a friend of Bill’s, designed the building in exchange for some office space in the top floor of the building. Most of Jones’ most famous work, including both the Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs and Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel in Bella Vista, were designed in that space above Underwood’s. Jones’ long-time business partner, Maurice Jennings, and his son Walter still office out of that space today.

We’re thrilled to be working with them, and we hope you’ll help us welcome them to the Flyer Family by stopping by the next time you need something exceptional for someone you love.

Underwood’s Fine Jewelers

611 W Dickson St
Fayetteville, AR 72703
(479) 521-2000

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube

Underwood’s designs

One of Underwood’s CASE Award-winning designs

A second CASE Award-winning design created right here in Fayetteville at Underwood’s

Razorback charm bracelets

Craig’s nature photos

Photo: Craig Underwood Photography

Photo: Craig Underwood Photography

Photo: Craig Underwood Photography

Photo: Craig Underwood Photography