Shelter to host kitten bottle feeding workshop for interested volunteers

Ole P. Erlandsen / CC 2.0

The city’s animal services division will host a training workshop for volunteers interested in helping to care for orphaned or abandoned kittens that require bottle feeding.

The workshop is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. Thursday, June 30 at the Lib Horn Animal Shelter, located at 1640 S. Armstrong Ave. in Fayetteville. Volunteers do not need to register for the event.

Shannon Rankin, animal services technician, said as warmer temperatures arrive, the shelter will begin receiving boxes, crates, and old towels full of orphan newborn baby kittens. The kittens will require bottle feeding anywhere from every two to four hours, depending on their age. Rankin said shelter staff have supplies on hand, but can only save the kittens if there are enough volunteers willing to feed and take care of them.

The workshop will include hands-on training with a kitten that is currently bottle feeding.

“We are trying to get as prepared as possible so we can save as many lives as we can,” said Justine Lentz, shelter superintendent. “We’ve been doing this for a few years now, but we want to reach out to the community at large and engage citizens that might be perfect bottle baby fosters but just don’t know about the program.”

For more information, call the shelter at 479-444-3456.