Not My City donates school supplies to Asbell Elementary

Not My City donated five boxes of school supplies to kids in need at Asbell Elementary School.

Courtesy photo

Locals Jeremy Clark and Kamron Phillips this week donated five large boxes of school supplies to Asbell Elementary.

The school supply drive is just one of several initiatives the two are working on for new organization, Not My City, a community service-based group aimed at reducing the anxieties and tensions between police and the black community in Fayetteville.

Clark said he was thrilled with the amount of supplies he was able to secure in just a few weeks at a few dropoff locations this year.

“We want to thank everyone at First Security Bank, Wes’ Barbecue, and all our drop-off locations as well as the people of Fayetteville and Flyer readers who dropped off supplies this year,” he said. “The folks at Asbell were very surprised by the amount of supplies we were able to donate, and they’ll definitely put them to good use.”

The organization plans to conduct the drive next year, and hopes they’ll be able to collet even more supplies.

“We’re gonna make it bigger and better,” Clark said.