New Flyer Sponsor: Frame Fayetteville

Aaron Randall, owner, Frame Fayetteville

Do you guys ever get kinda tired of buying yachts for rich people?

I mean, once you own five yachts, how many more yachts do you actually need? And on that subject, how many 12-bedroom, 17-bath vacation homes in the Hamptons complete with multiple pools, tennis courts, a home gym, and a full size private movie theater are too many? Just, practically speaking?

I guess what we’re trying to say is, if you do ever get tired of buying boats, and little gloves with diamonds on them or whatever billionaires are into these days, well, there is another way.

You could just shop at little places like Frame Fayetteville. And get a lot better service.

Local prints

The new shop, which we’re proud to say is also the newest Fayetteville Flyer sponsor, was opened last month at 800 N. College Ave. by Fayetteville native Aaron Randall.

Aaron spend more than a decade framing photos at a now-closed local shop in Fayetteville where he learned all the ins and outs of the craft, and after a few years working in other industries, decided it was time to get back to doing what he knew he was pretty great at – taking folks’ treasured art and artifacts and turning them into showpieces for display.

In addition to custom framing of everything from priceless art, to posters, prints, and decor, Randall can also create shadow boxes for items like jerseys or other memorabilia.

Located at 800 N. College

The shop is also becoming a destination for Fayetteville and Arkansas-related art, with vintage Fayetteville postcards and photography by nationally-known nature photographer Tim Ernst, and other local artists also for sale.

Aaron’s an incredibly down-to-earth guy, too, who doesn’t mind giving advice on how to frame just about anything, even if his shop isn’t the right fit for a particular job.

He has connections with who restore art, too, so if there’s a piece that needs a little love in your collection, he can probably help with that as well.

The quality of work you’ll get is immensely better than what you’ll get at a giant big-box frame store, too.

We think longtime local musician and framing artist Effron White said it pretty well. “This is THE place in NWA to get your items framed right,” Effron wrote on Randall’s Facebook page. “I know this because I used to work with Aaron Randall, the owner, and he is meticulous and talented and honest!”

We’re thrilled to be working with Aaron, and hope you’ll stop by the shop when you have some items that you want to display. Please help us welcome them to the Flyer Family!

Frame Fayetteville

800 N. College
Fayetteville, AR

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