AD: MyPhones Unlimited is not your typical tech repair store

MyPhones Unlimited, located at 200 West Center St. next to Arsaga’s in downtown Fayetteville.

All photos: Courtesy, MyPhones

Arbiter of cool — it’s not usually a phrase associated with tech repair shops. Little did we know, it’s exactly what we’ve been missing.

Filling the previously nonexistent niche of boutique-meets-tech store, MyPhones Unlimited, on the corner of Church and Center Street in Fayetteville, brings something unique, perhaps emblematic, to the table in the ubiquitous and bland world of tech shops. No longer are we met with strip mall stores filled with cluttered, computer lined shelves and dudes that look like they spent most of high school hacking into their teacher’s emails. MyPhones Unlimited introduces us to a new era of tech stores. Exhibiting an open, clean storefront with a minimalist interior design featuring stained concrete floors and bespoke tables, it speaks to a new generation of tech consumers.

Backpacks, records, and accessories

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Have an old Apple product you’d like to sell? Want a new phone case (that no one else will have)? Or maybe you need a hand-crafted solid ash speaker? MyPhones Unlimited is presenting customers with services we never thought would come from local tech stores.

With their tech buyback program, MyPhones Unlimited will pay you for your old devices, whether it’s a beat-to-hell 2010 Macbook or a brand new iPhone 6s. Take a look in your sock drawer and see if you can find an old device to bring in for some extra cash. Can’t make it to the store? Just check out their buyback webpage and they’ll ship you a free return box and you can send it back (with your device inside) for a check in the mail a few days later. 

Providing in-house repairs for Apple products, ranging from iPhone screens (replaced in 20 minutes or less), buttons, cameras and battery replacement to iPad screen replacements and even Mac virus cleanup, MyPhones Unlimited can service all your Apple product needs. The wait flies by while you indulge in the coffee and toast at the Arsaga’s next door.

If coffee isn’t to your taste, you can browse the storefront; check out the high-end phone case selection, buy some new headphones or grab a vinyl record while you wait. 

MyPhones Unlimited is showing us that tech repair shops don’t have to be stuffy, lame or sometimes even a little creepy. They’re able to cater customers with repairs, provide assistance with tech issues and serve an in-store experience that’s in an entirely new class.

Stop by Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. or Saturday: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. at 200 West Center St. in Fayetteville or call 479-935-3400 to make an appointment. 

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