Video: UAPD officers rescue skunk with head caught in plastic cup

A video of two University of Arkansas police officers rescuing a skunk with its head caught in a plastic cup is starting to go viral.

The video, which was filmed over a year ago, was posted on Facebook last week, and had been viewed over 122,000 times as early Wednesday.

The skunk was first discovered walking in circles in the grass with a cup stuck on its face.

“I guess if I was a brave guy, I’d just reach down there and grab it and run, but I don’t think I can outrun Pepé Le Pew,” an officer is heard saying in the background of the video.

The video then cuts to a frame of an officer just going for it. He grabs the cup off the skunk and frantically runs away to avoid being sprayed. A second officer on the scene also tries to escape, but was unsuccessful.

“Oddly enough, the officer that grabbed the cup was not sprayed, but the other officer (in the gray uniform) DID get sprayed,” the department commented on Facebook. “He needed a new uniform after this!”