Fayetteville Fire Department launches bicycle trail response program


The Fayetteville Fire Department this month announced the creation of a new program to help with rapid medical response and search-and-rescue efforts on the city’s growing trail system.

By combining mountain bikes with existing trail response vehicles (TRVs), the crews hope to decrease response times in areas that may otherwise be inaccessible.

The department’s TRVs have been equipped to carry two bicycles into a location for deployment, which will allow a team of three crew members to split up and cover more group when looking for a lost person.

According to a news release, the bicycles are equipped with gear to treat life-threatening trauma while still keeping the bikes light enough to maneuver rough terrain. Communication equipment is also carried to help riders stay in contact with other search crews.

Station 4, located at 3385 Plainview Ave. in north Fayetteville implemented the program utilizing the TRV and mountain bike combination. Two additional bicycles are set to be purchased in October allowing Station 1 (303 W. Center Street) to add the Trail Response Program to their responding efforts. Station 6 (900 S. Hollywood Ave.) will also add the equipment to participate in the program in the future.