AD: Bordinos wine flights, destination anywhere

Bordinos, take me away.

A Wine Flight is the perfect excuse to drink more than one wine at a time and the combinations are infinite. Here’s what I mean. Your opportunities to explore are endless. For example, you might try “same varietals-different regions”…or “same varietals-same region, different producer” or… “same varietals-same producer-same region-different vineyards” or…”same producer-same varietals-different regions.” Get it? It’s like a nightmare math problem, but you get the point…

We are currently pouring five Fights of Wine for your enjoyment and education. A flight is a great opportunity to try a varietal you aren’t familiar with or thought you didn’t care for. All wines from flights are also sold by the glass and bottle so when you find your new favorite you can go all the way.

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