Fayetteville polls open until 7:30 p.m. Tuesday

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Polls will be open until 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in Washington County for the 2016 general election.

In addition to voting for a new U.S. president, area residents will also decide on a state senator and congressman, four state ballot initiatives, along with several county and local races.

Voters can check their registration information by using the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Voter View website. The site also includes sample ballots for each district.

Anyone registered to vote in Washington County may cast a ballot at any of the 49 voting centers across the county.


In Fayetteville, two men are challenging Mayor Lioneld Jordan, including developer Tom Terminella and resident Ron Baucom.

City Council candidates

Nine candidates are vying for seats on the City Council, including three incumbents. Ward 3 Alderman Martin Schoppmeyer did not file for re-election.

In Ward 1, incumbent Sarah Marsh faces Paul Phaneuf (did not respond to our questionnaire), a self-employed author, minister, and activist who was defeated by Alderwoman Adella Gray in 2014.

Matthew Petty is seeking re-election in Ward 2 against one challenger, Justice of the Peace Gary McHenry (did not respond to our questionnaire).

The Ward 3 race includes three candidates vying for Schoppmeyer’s soon-to-be vacant seat. On the ballot are Sarah Bunch, a Realtor and former Planning Commission member; Benjamin Harrison, a local youth intern; and Tracy Hoskins (did not respond to our questionnaire), a developer and member of the Planning Commission.

The race for Ward 4 includes incumbent Alan Long and challenger Nathan Allen, a local minister.

Possible runoff elections

With more than two candidates in the mayor and Ward 3 race, there is a possibility that a runoff election will be needed to determine a winner.

If a single candidate does not win a majority of the votes today, the two people with the most votes will square off in a Nov. 29 runoff election unless the leading candidate receives more than 40 percent of the votes and is ahead of the runner-up by 20 percent.

Debate coverage

All of the Flyer’s coverage of the local election can be accessed from our Vote 2016 page. Here are recaps from some of the local forums and debates:
» Fayetteville mayoral candidates speak at public forum
» Marsh and Phaneuf square off at Fayetteville’s Ward 1 candidate forum
» Petty and McHenry speak at Ward 2 candidate forum in Fayetteville
» Bunch, Harrison, Hoskins talk development at Ward 3 candidate forum in Fayetteville
» Long and Allen face off in Fayetteville’s Ward 4 candidate forum

Election night coverage

As always, the Flyer will be at the Washington County Courthouse this evening to provide up-to-date information on early voting counts and the final results of the election. We’ll post stories on the Flyer as well as links and other updates to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Voting centers

Registered voters in Washington County may cast a ballot at any of the following voting centers:

The Awakening Church, 5763 E Mission Blvd, Fayetteville
Baldwin Church of Christ, 4399 Huntsville Rd, Fayetteville
Central United Methodist Church, 6 W. Dickson, Fayetteville
Christian Life Cathedral, 1258 E. Millsap Rd, Fayetteville
Covenant Church, 4511 W. Wedington Dr, Fayetteville
Genesis Church, 205 W MLK Blvd, Fayetteville
Hazel Valley Church, 16502 Hazel Valley, Fayetteville
Ridgeview Baptist Church, 1850 E Huntsville Rd, Fayetteville
Sang Avenue Baptist Church, 1425 N. Sang Ave, Fayetteville
Sequoyah Methodist Church, 1910 Old Wire Rd, Fayetteville
Shiloh Community Church, 4262 W. Mt. Comfort Rd, Fayetteville
St. John’s Lutheran Church, 2730 E Township Rd, Fayetteville
Sulphur City Baptist Church 17472 E. Black Oak Rd, Fayetteville
Trinity Fellowship, 1100 Rolling Hills Dr, Fayetteville
Trinity Methodist, 1021 W Sycamore, Fayetteville
Wedington Woods Fire Station, 13496 Hwy 16, Fayetteville
Wheeler Fire Station, 6946 W Wheeler, Fayetteville
Yvonne Richardson Center, 240 E Rock St, Fayetteville

Calvary Church, 1000 N. Gutenshohn, Springdale
Cross Church, 1709 Johnson Rd, Springdale
Elmdale Baptist Church, 1700 W. Huntsville Rd, Springdale
First Church of the Nazarene, 2300 S 40th St, Springdale
Nob Hill Fire Station, 19375 Nob Hill Loop, Springdale
Oak Grove Baptist Church, 499 Oak Grove Rd, Springdale
Sonora Baptist Church 17330 E Hwy 412, Springdale
Springdale Rodeo Community Center, 1323 E Emma St, Springdale
Springdale Youth Center, 1000 Watson, Springdale
Turner Street Baptist Church, 4304 S Turner, Springdale

Other locations
Carroll Drugstore, 14627 South Hwy 45, Cane Hill
Durham Community Building, 11699 S. Hwy 16, Elkins
Elkins Community Center, 162 Doolin Drive, Elkins
Elm Springs United Methodist Church, 118 N Elm, Elm Springs
Evansville Fire Station, 20493 S Hwy 59, Evansville
Main Street Baptist Church, 49 West Main St, Farmington
Goshen Community Building, 346 Clark St, Goshen
Greenland Community Building, 170 Letita St, Greenland
Johnson City Hall, 2904 Main St, Johnson
Lincoln Community Center, 112 N. Main St, Lincoln
Rheas Mill Community Building, 11871 N Wedington Blacktop Rd, Lincoln
Morrow Fire Station, 19738 Latta WC 10, Morrow
Prairie Grove Christian Church, 611 Wayne Villines Rd, Prairie Grove
Cincinnati Fire Station, 12700 Cincinnati Rd, Summers
Weddington Community Building, 15503 N. Jackson Hwy, Summers
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, 110 E Henri De Tonit, Tontitown
Strickler Fire Station, 13635 W Hwy 265, West Fork
West Fork Community Center, 222 Weber St, West Fork
Blackburn Church, 10467 W. Devils Den Rd, Winslow
Boston Mtn. Fire Station, 1047 U.S. 71 South, Winslow
Brentwood Comm. Building, 16940 Hwy 71, Winslow