Fayetteville releases results from recent community perceptions survey

Remember that survey city officials asked folks to fill out late last year? Well, the results are now available to browse through, including the raw data and a summary report that was delivered to aldermen and city administrators.

The Community Perceptions Survey ran from late November through early January, and asked residents to answer questions on a range of topics, including public safety, livability, neighborhood cohesion, volunteerism and sustainability.

Officials said 1,223 residents participated in the survey, which was designed to help city staff and members of the City Council set priorities for development, improvements, and programs in the coming years.

Overall results are available on the city’s website, including data breakdowns by ward and sub-ward.

Here are a few slides from the summary report:

The survey questions, format, and methodology are based on the Sustainable Tools for Assessing and Rating (STAR) technical guide, a system used by cities across the country to gauge economic, social, and environmental sustainability of local communities.

Fayetteville’s 3-STAR Community details are available at reporting.starcommunities.org.