UA Chancellor to give lecture on ‘Fate of Flagship U’ April 5

UA Chancellor Joseph Steinmetz will give a lecture titled The Fate of the Flagship U in Fayetteville next week.

Steinmetz will speak at 5:15 p.m. on Wednesday, April 5 at Gearhart Hall Auditorium.

The lecture will address various trends and aspects of college education, including changes in the funding of public colleges, and questions such as who benefits from an educated society.

“Funding bothers me – it’s one of the things that keeps me up at night,” Steinmetz said. “Tuition increases need to be kept around the rate of inflation.”

He will also address trends such as experiential learning, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and others.

The lecture is part of Steinmetz’ Honors College Forum course. In it, the Chancellor has been meeting with a group of 14 students around his dining room table, where he says he has been learning as much from the students as they have from him.

“It’s given me more insight into this generation of students – how they think, what they think, and what’s important to them. They’re not afraid to voice their opinions,” Steinmetz said.

The lecture is free to attend, and open to the public.