Job listings – May 12, 2017

Grub’s Bar & Grille

Job Title: Kitchen staff, Servers
Job Type: Full and part time positions
Location: Uptown Fayetteville and Rogers locations
Job Description: Grub’s is currently seeking kitchen staff for both their uptown Fayetteville and Rogers locations. They’re also seeking servers in Uptown.
How to apply: Apply online at, or in person.

Ozark Natural Foods

Job Title: Assistant Produce Manager
Job Type: Full time
Location: Ozark Natural Foods, 1554 N. College Ave.
Job Description: Purpose – To assist the Fresh Foods Manager in running all operations of the Produce Department; posses full knowledge of every departmental system and be able to perform any part of the manager’s job; work with the Fresh Foods Manager and Team to achieve sales growth and accurately account for each item in inventory; monitor and work with Produce Team on sales floor to ensure proper handling, storage, and merchandising of product according to priorities set by the Fresh Foods Manager; monitor and address any operations and/or staff issues; delegate and prioritize floor operations to other staff members; purchase all large orders and supplies for the department; maintain a clean and safe working environment; perform any tasks set by the Fresh Foods Manager; and supervise the department in the manager’s absence.

– Floor Operations and Supervision
– Accurately account for all inventory; receive, stock, and prep products.
– Ensure that other team members are following receiving, stocking, and handling procedures according to the expectations of the Fresh Foods Manager.
– Prioritize and delegate floor tasks and daily operations; monitor and maintain checklists.
– Lead Inventory teams.
– Participate in and schedule regular cleanings; ensure that other team members are participating in cleaning; attend and be able to lead every wetrack cleaning.
– Attend and be able to lead all department meetings; facilitate, take, send and post meeting notes for the Super/Juicer meetings; participate in dallies.
– Create and maintain department schedule.
– Create and maintain department cleaning schedule and ensure that it is being followed.
– Posses knowledge of equipment maintenance procedures; perform when necessary; alert Operations Coordinator for necessary maintenance.
– Demonstrate excellent and consistent customer service skills; be an example to team.
– Ensure that the Floor Presence policy is being followed.
– Keep department clean and organized; follow safety procedures.
– Field and appropriately handle customer complaints.
– Ensure signage in department is accurate.
– Participate in passive and active sampling, ensure that department has regular samples.

– Monitor inventory to determine and place all orders from large vendors.
– Check and post order confirmations.
– Relay information to the Fresh Foods Manager and Team about overstocks, needed sales, sale opportunities; product shortages and other information.
– Work with distributors to coordinate sales and plan displays.
– Place all supply orders for department; monitor the inventory of these items.
– Be able to place any local orders for the department in the Fresh Foods Manager’s absence.
– Work with other receivers to maintain optimal flow of product and correct rotation -practices.
– Place all special orders.
– Monitor movement reports and plan ahead with Fresh Foods Manager for holidays, Owner Appreciation weekends, the weather, and other special events.
– Facilitate any returns, report credits and communicate any other issues to our sales representatives.
– Closely monitor inventory to achieve spoilage goals.

Other Responsibilities
– Posses and demonstrate understanding of departmental financial operations; participate in achieving margin, targeting problems with margin.
– Participate and motivate team to achieve sales growth.
– Be able to calculate retail costs and negotiate prices with local farmers.
– Train new employees; develop and maintain New Hire Training Program; act as designated Trainer.
– Posses and demonstrate knowledge of every aspect of the department; be prepared to run the department and act as interim manager in the Fresh Foods Manager’s absence.
– Facilitate and perform any equipment maintenance or other repairs and related tasks.
– Maintain constant communication with Fresh Foods Manager on all issues.
– Attend and be prepared for regular Assistant Produce Manager meetings.
Attend all necessary trainings.
Attend and be able to perform any new non-certified local farmer inspections.
– Be able to work any position in the department.
– Perform any other tasks set by the Fresh Foods Manager.
– Be prepared to write articles for the owner newsletter as needed.
– Participate in and prepare the weekly produce game, attend the store game when possible.
– Attend the GSD regularly and follow through on any assigned actionable items.
– Participate in P6 t-shirt day.
– Staff and arrange for active demos.
– Be able to perform any necessary disciplinary action and year evaluations for produce staff.
– Perform any other tasks set by the Fresh Foods Manager, including farm inspections, developing content for Marketing, completing ROIs, attending conference calls, as well as daily tasks.

– Possess knowledge of product handling, storage and usage procedures.
– Experience with customer service.
– Posses knowledge of organic standards and practices; cooperative business model.
– Experience with training and supervisor skills.
– Have desire to or prior experience with leadership.
– Demonstrate clear and constructive communication skills and be a team player.
– Demonstrate ability to multi-task.
– Posses organizational skills; be able to meet deadlines and perform multiple tasks.
– Posses basic computer skills.
– Be able to repeatedly lift 50 lbs.

How to apply: Interested candidates should email or mail completed applications and resumes to [email protected] or Ozark Natural Foods Attn: Julie Wahl 1554 N. College Avenue, Fayetteville, AR 72703. Deadline for applications is Wednesday, May 17th.

Ozark Natural Foods

Job Title: Front End Cashier
Job Type: Full/part time
Location: Ozark Natural Foods, 1554 N. College Ave.
Job Description: The Front End is currently hiring cashiers.
How to Apply If you are interested, please fill out an application and come to the Get to Know you interview at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday May 11th and Thursday May 18th.

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