Fayetteville makes list of 10 Best Cities to Launch a Career

Photo: Todd Gill, Fayetteville Flyer

As if you guys didn’t already know this, but Fayetteville is a pretty awesome place to live. Residents have known this for years, and now, it appears, all the “best places to live” list makers are also getting on board.

10 Best Cities to Launch a Career

As reported by Realtor.com

1. Fort Collins, CO
2. Charlotte, NC
3. Madison, WI
4. Colorado Springs, CO
5. Dallas, TX
6. Austin, TX
7. Fayetteville, AR
8. Durham, NC
9. Kansas City, MO
10. Nashville, TN

The latest came out earlier this week, when Fayetteville ranked No. 7 in the nation on Realtor.com’s list of the 10 best cities to launch a career.

According to the article, researchers considered factors like job growth, business growth, high salaries, happiness index, and affordability to compile the list.

From the article:

Not to be confused with the other Fayettevilles around the South, the third largest city in Arkansas is nestled in the Ozarks, bordering the Boston Mountains. The local economy is anchored by Walmart’s headquarters, based in Bentonville, 25 miles north of Fayetteville. Affordable living and upward career mobility bring new grads here, but the lifestyle—surprisingly awesome live music, cycling, parks, and an abundance of mountain beauty—makes them want to stay.

Fort Collins, Colorado, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Madison, Wisconsin topped the Realtor.com list.

It’s the fourth “best places to live list” Fayetteville has been included in so far this year (that we know of). The city was named the No. 5 in U.S. News & World Report’s annual “Best Places to Live” ranking, No. 1 on Business Insiders’ list of the best places to live where the average home price is less than $250,000, and No. 15 on growella.com’s list of best places to live for millennials.