Smudgies Dessert Lab coming to Dickson Street

The southwest corner of Dickson Street and College Avenue will soon be hone to a restaurant called Smudgies Dessert Lab.

A sweet new place is planning to open on Dickson Street soon.

Locals Cory Tran and Jonathan Montgomery are planning to open a dessert restaurant called Smudgies Dessert Lab at the southwest corner of Dickson Street and College Avenue (241 N. College Ave.)

The new place will serve all kinds of desserts, including milkshakes, concretes, donuts filled with ice cream, and other fun twists on classic desserts.

It’s not the first foray into sweet treats for Tran. He was also involved in opening Kream, the ice cream and donut restaurant located on West Avenue downtown. Tran was also behind The Kraken Killer Seafood on Dickson Street before selling his location to the folks who opened YeeHawg.

Update: Tran said he recently sold his interest in Kream in part to help open this new venture.

The building where Smudgies will be located at one point looked destined to become home to a Starbuck’s Coffee Shop. The chain was reportedly eyeing the space with plans to lease it from the building owners, but that deal fell through after it was determined there wouldn’t be enough room for a drive-thru lane and a second lane behind the building.

If all goes well, Smudgies will be open for business sometime this fall.