Survey seeks info on economic activity generated by cycling in NWA


The Walton Family Foundation, PeopleForBikes, and BikeNWA are asking residents to complete on online survey to help estimate the economic activity generated by cycling in the region. The information, the groups said, will be used to promote and improve bike infrastructure in Northwest Arkansas.

Questions vary from how many days a person has commuted by bicycle to how may times a bike was used for recreational purposes in the past year. The groups are also interested in whether residents are riding road bikes or mountain bikes. The survey is tailored to each participant based on answers from previous questions. For example, if a user states that they have ridden a mountain bike, the survey will ask which trails (Back 40, Slaughter Pen, Kessler, Lake Fayetteville, etc.) were used and how often

The survey also asks about household income and bicycle-related expenditures, including bike purchases and travel expenses during cycling events.

The survey closes on Friday, Sept. 8.

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