Several streets to close briefly for surface sealant work

Crews work to apply a microsurfacing treatment to Summerhill Drive in 2013.

Staff photo

Nearly two dozen street sections in Fayetteville are expected to close for a few hours this week while crews work to apply a microsurfacing asphalt treatment to the road surface.

The work is part of a project to help save money by keeping the city from having to pave local streets so often.

During the process, a liquid mixture treatment is applied to the surface of the street which binds the asphalt and fills cracks and worn areas of the pavement. The sealant restores the road to a uniform texture and seals the surface to prevent moisture and air intrusion.

Officials said the microseal treatment dries quicker than other methods and costs less than half of what it takes to grind away and replace the existing surface. The process can add up to 10 years of life to asphalt surfaces that normally last only about 15 years.

Roadway sections will be closed to traffic from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Residents will be allowed access to their homes at all times but should expect some delays.

The following street sections are set to be treated through Friday, Oct. 27:

  • Meadowlands subdivision – Meadowlands Drive (Wedington Drive to Rupple Road), Daisy Lane, Larkspur Lane, Crown Flower Drive, Queen Anne’s Lace Drive, Bell Flower Drive, Blazing Star Drive
  • Wordsworth Lane (Meadowlands Drive to dead end), Alleys 798, 4040, 4105
  • Timbercrest subdivision – Aspen Drive, Redwood Drive, Blue Mesa Drive
  • Covington Park subdivision – Worthington Way, Fennchurch Way, Middleton Way, Litchfield Lane, Kitterly Lane, Horwich Lane
  • Township Road (Worthington Way to dead end)