Locals organize parking lot party, benefit for employees of CV’s Family Foods

CV’s Family Foods / Staff photo

The announcement that CV’s Family Foods will soon be closing its doors has struck a nerve for a lot of folks in Fayetteville.

Event poster

There have been songs written, mixtapes created, and video tributes and rap videos made in honor of the well-loved store. Now, several locals are coming together to celebrate it one more time.

Locals Chris Selby, Olivia Trimble, and others are planning a goodbye party / fundraiser for the employees in the parking lot of the store this Sunday, March 11.

From the Facebook page for the event:

Our beloved CV’s/Marvin’s IGA is closing, so let’s send it off right with a parking lot party! We’re going to bbq and potluck with supplies and snacks from Marv’s, tell stories, re-enact wild nights, and sing songs about the glory days, and we might get extra weird with some cake.

A handful of local musicians will be performing at the event, including Willi Carlisle, Martin Bemberg, and Clarke Buehling. There will also be stand-up comedy by Caroline Ezell and others.

First Security Bank will be on hand with their grill, Trimble told us, and have donated hot dogs to the cause as well.

Organizers have created a GoFundMe as well to raise funds for the 35 or so employees that will be losing their jobs when the store closes, and will also be accepting donations on Sunday.

For a bit more information, check out the Facebook page for the event.