Snail Mail coming to George’s July 7

Lindsey Jordan from Snail Mail / Courtesy

Acclaimed songwriter Lindsey Jordan, also known as Snail Mail, is coming to Fayetteville this summer.

The band is set to perform at George’s Majestic Lounge on Saturday, July 7 with Detroit band, Bonny Doon.

Jordan, who just graduated from high school last year, wrote her highly acclaimed 2016 EP Habit when she was just 15. Billboard called her a “rock-prodigy.” Pitchfork called her “the wisest teenage indie rocker” they knew. The Fayetteville Flyer called her “pretty great” just now. In the sentence before this one.

Next month, her first full album, to be called Lush is set to be released on Matador Records, and the supporting tour is the one that will bring her to town.

Tickets to the show at George’s are $10-$12, on sale now at George’s ticketing site.

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