Digital Inclusion Task Force seeks public input

Joanne Hovis, CEO of the Coalition for Local Internet Choice

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The city’s Digital Inclusion Task Force has scheduled kickoff events this week in Fayetteville to raise awareness about the importance of improving access to digital services and programs.

Mayor Lioneld Jordan will welcome special guest speaker Joanne Hovis, CEO of the Coalition for Local Internet Choice, at the Fayetteville Public Library’s Walker Room from 6-7:30 p.m. Thursday, May 17.

Hovis will discuss the importance of digital equity and building strategies for advancing high speed broadband for all Fayetteville residents, and will take public input from residents on the topic. Refreshments will precede the community meeting.

From the city:

The Task Force is building a community-wide Digital Inclusion Coalition to advocate for enhanced broadband services and improve the understanding of the community’s digital needs and resources. The vision of the Mayor’s Task Force is to bridge digital divides in our community so that residents and business owners of Fayetteville have broadband Internet access and the basic skills to use it. Throughout the summer and fall there will be ongoing community discussions designed to identify needs through public education and advocacy and to craft a digital inclusion master plan.

The Mission of the Digital Inclusion Coalition is to foster every Fayetteville resident’s engagement in digital society by supporting technological innovation, enhancing disaster response, promoting online civic engagement, and providing an infrastructure strategy aligned with the needs of our residents.

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