‘The Bleak and the Burgeoning’ art show now open at Walton Arts Center

Work from The Bleak and the Burgeoning, now on display at Joy Pratt Markham Gallery inside Walton Arts Center


A new visual art show opened at Walton Arts Center this week.

The show, titled The Bleak and the Burgeoning, is now on display in the Joy Pratt Markham Gallery inside the WAC.

The show features installation work by five artists – Amber Cowan, Maysey Craddock, Leonardo Drew, Lauren Fensterstock and Judy Pfaff – that are “physically curated in ways that reveal both an independent sense of personal geography, as well as a collective experience of fragile terrains.”

The show was produced as part of the WAC’s Artosphere Festival, taking place now through June 23. em>The Bleak and the Burgeoning, however, will remain on display through Oct. 7.

The Joy Pratt Markham Gallery is open Monday through Friday from noon until 2 p.m. The gallery is also typically open for one hour prior to performances at the Walton Arts Center.

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