PAID POLITICAL AD: A note of gratitude to Democratic candidates

To all the brave activists and leaders who stood up in 2017 and 2018 and made the decision to run as Democrats in today’s elections: thank you.

This is a critical time in the history of our country. It has never been more important for qualified citizens to step forward and offer themselves as public servants in each of the local, state, and federal offices for which tens of thousands have already cast ballots locally and many more will do today.

No matter the enthusiasm, no matter the anger, no matter the energy, a mid-term election would be for naught if we did not have choices on the ballot. Win or lose, you have given the voters of our county and state a reason to show up to the polls and a mechanism by which to push back against grave affronts to decency, good government, and responsive representation.

In 2016, only 19 Democrats were on the ballot in Washington County; in 2018, you doubled that number to 38 – having contested nearly every office on the ballot. You are giving people a choice today for a future that is full of hope – hope for our public schools, for a healthcare system that works for everyone, and for a country that believes that all of us are equal in the eyes of the law.

For that, we, the Democratic Party of Washington County, offer our sincere gratitude to each of our Democratic candidates – and to the voters who will go to the ballot box today. Be a voter – exercise your right to choose your leaders today.


The Democratic Party of Washington County

Your 2018 Washington County Democratic candidates

  • Josh Mahony, United States Congress
  • Jared Henderson, Governor
  • Anthony Bland, Lieutenant Governor
  • Mike Lee, Attorney General
  • Susan Inman, Secretary of State
  • Larry Williams, Commissioner of State Lands
  • Greg Leding, State Senate District 4
  • Jim Wallace, State Senate District 5
  • Lou Reed Sharp, State House District 80
  • Donald McKinney, State House District 81
  • Denise Garner, State House District 84
  • Kelly Scott Unger, State House District 87
  • Megan Godfrey, State House District 89
  • Gary Morris, State House District 97
  • Jim House, Washington County Judge
  • William Chesser, Washington County Assessor
  • Adrienne Kvello, Washington County Circuit Clerk
  • Emily Sledge, Washington County Clerk
  • Zane Chenault, Washington County Treasurer
  • Shari Adams Reed, Justice of the Peace District 1
  • Lyndsey Strange, Justice of the Peace District 2
  • Judith Yañez, Justice of the Peace District 4
  • Dana Reynolds, Justice of the Peace District 5
  • Jessica Stone, Justice of the Peace District 6
  • Coy Bartlett, Justice of the Peace District 7
  • Andrea Jenkins, Justice of the Peace District 10
  • Sue Madison, Justice of the Peace District 12
  • Ann Harbison, Justice of the Peace District 14
  • Quinn Childress, Justice of the Peace District 15
  • Matt Miller, Constable


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