Pinnacle Foods to activate boilers at south Fayetteville plant

Pinnacle Foods Inc. at 1100 W 15th St. in south Fayetteville.

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Pinnacle Foods (which was recently acquired by Conagra) plans to activate the boilers at its newly expanded plant in south Fayetteville this week.

The activation requires periodic loud releases of steam through Tuesday, Nov. 27. The releases will occur at irregular intervals for up to an hour at a time during daylight hours. Officials said the sound is a normal part of the process and does not indicate any danger to the warehouse or to the public.

The new 164,000-square-foot frozen goods warehouse is connected to the main building at 1100 W. 15th Street.

The expansion was announced in January, and is expected to eliminate more than 130,000 miles of tractor-trailer traffic along Interstate 49.

The city’s sustainability department said that the reduction of miles on the highway equates to approximately 21,452 gallons of fuel saved, which includes a reduction of 218 metric tons of carbon dioxide.