List of proposed new sidewalks headed to City Council for approval

A new sidewalk is proposed on the south side of Mount Comfort Road from Garland Avenue to Addington Avenue.

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City Council members will soon consider a list of proposed new sidewalks in Fayetteville.

The council’s Transportation Committee this week recommended approval of the 2019-20 sidewalk construction plan, which includes 21 projects in various neighborhoods across town.

Most of the work is new construction, but a few projects up for consideration include replacement of existing sidewalks.

New work includes a sidewalk on the west side of Mission Boulevard from North Street to Old Wire Road. As it stands, pedestrians currently must cross Mission Boulevard from west to east at North Street to continue toward Old Wire Road.

In downtown, officials propose a replacement of the sidewalk on the west side of Church Avenue from Spring Street to Mountain Street.

Near the University of Arkansas campus, new sidewalks would be added on the west side of Hughes Street to fill the gaps between Leverett Avenue and Garland Avenue.

Sidewalks are also proposed for the south side of Mount Comfort Road from Garland Avenue to Addington Avenue, and on the east side of Double Springs Road from Abilene Drive to Green Chapel Road.

It’s now up to the full council to make the final decision.

Below are the full lists of recommended sidewalk construction projects for 2019 and 2020.

2019-20 Proposed Sidewalk Projects

Ward 1FromToLocation
Huntsville Rd.Blair Ave.Morningside Dr.South
McClinton St.Wood Ave.Morningside Dr.North
Mission Blvd.Rockwood Tr.Lafayette St.East
Washington Ave.South St.Fourth St.East
Ward 2FromToLocation
Church Ave. (replace)Spring St.Meadow St.West
Church Ave. (replace)Meadow St.Center St.West
Church Ave. (replace)Center St.Mountain St.West
Hughes St.Storer Ave.Leverett Ave.West
Hughes St.Garland Ave.Lindell Ave.West
Lawson St.Garland Ave.Oakland Ave.South
Lawson St.Oakland Ave.Leverett Ave.North
Lewis Ave.Deane St.Wedington Dr.West
Lindell Ave.Hughes St.Cleveland St.West
Mission Blvd.North St.Old Wire Rd.West
Mt. Comfort Rd.Addington Ave.Garland Ave.South
Rollston Ave. (replace)Lafayette St.Dickson St.East
Ward 3FromToLocation
Appleby Rd.Gregg Ave.Quail CreekSouth
Township St.Gregg Ave.Green Acres Rd.Both
Ward 4FromToLocation
Bridgeport Dr. (replace)Mt. Comfort Rd.Freedom Pl.Both
Center St.Graham Ave.Hartman Ave.North
Double Springs Rd.Abilene Dr.Green Chapel Rd.East