Reminder: Last Night Fayetteville won’t happen this year

In case you missed the news last month, Last Night Fayetteville is on hiatus.

Organizers in November announced that the New Year’s Eve celebration, which includes live music, a fireworks display, and the signature “Hog Drop” on the downtown square, won’t happen this year.

The event is expected to return next year.

“After seven years of tireless work, sacrifice, and relentless determination, we’re taking a year off to rest, relax, and refresh our spirits,” organizers stated. “Rest assured we have big plans and exciting ideas for Last Night Fayetteville to return for New Year’s Eve 2020.”

The annual event sprung out of First Night Fayetteville, which lasted for about a decade before ending in 2010. It was reborn and renamed Last Night Fayetteville the following year under the leadership of Lauren and David Embree through the nonprofit Northwest Arkansas Creative Arts Network.

Last Night is one of three annual Fayetteville events to go on hiatus in 2018. The Block Street Block Party and Springfest also took the year off, though organizers of both events have said they plan to return in 2019.