New movie ‘Sweet Inspirations’ filmed in Fayetteville to debut Friday

Screen capture from Sweet Inspirations

With all the attention it is getting in the new season of True Detective currently airing on HBO this winter, Fayetteville is having a bit of a moment in the spotlight this year.

Now in addition to all of that exposure, a new movie filmed mostly in Fayetteville last year is set to make its national debut later this week.

The new feature, titled Sweet Inspirations, will be available on the christian film streaming service, Pure Flix beginning on Friday, Feb. 1.

Sweet Inspirations poster

Sweet Inspirations was filmed last summer at various locations around the Northwest Arkansas region, including several locations in Fayetteville.

The cupcake shop in the film was created in the Block Street building that is now home to Big Box Karaoke, for example, and other local landmarks like St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and the Fayetteville square are visible in the film’s trailer.

The movie closed Block Street briefly in July as well for filming some outdoor scenes on the street.

The film stars actors Dean Cain, Vanessa Angel, Maria Canals-Barrera, Natalie Canerday, Lauren Sweetser, Cassie Self, and several others.

According to the Pure Flix website, the film is about four women who go on a journey to launch a creative fundraising effort to try and save an endangered women’s shelter from foreclosure. “Sweet Inspirations tells the story of a journey of friendship, female empowerment — and, most importantly, the power of serving people in need,” according to the site.

Self, who was involved with the organization that helped start the event that grew into the Fayetteville Film Festival locally, said in an interview with Pure Flix that one of the central themes in the film is helping viewers remember the importance of reaching and helping people outside of their churches and religious circles.

“Often, churches and organized religion get so caught up and really good at supporting and doing things for each other, but maybe don’t step outside of that box enough to realize what the needs are within the greater community and within the people just down the street or perhaps in a different part of the culture that’s around us that we just end up kind up ignoring or are blinded to,” Self said in the interview.

“This story really shows how you can get outside of just your little organized group and really impact others in a much bigger way,” she said.

The film was directed by Brittany Yost, a producer for Pure Flix for films such as God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness, Samson, The Case for Christ, God’s Not Dead 2, and other films. It was written by Tommy Blaze, and filmed by local studio, Rockhill Studios.

According to their website, Pure Flix subscriptions are $10.99 per month, or $99 per year. The streaming service also offers a one-month free trial.

Sweet Inspirations – Official Trailer

Sweet Inspirations- Official Trailer #1 from Flashpoint on Vimeo.

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