PHOTOS: Fayetteville receives light snowfall Sunday

Photos: Todd Gill, Fayetteville Flyer

Fayetteville received a light snowfall Sunday morning, leaving the roads covered in a thin dust of snow in some parts of town and a slightly thicker slush in other places.

While the roads are passable, drivers should use caution to avoid sliding.

Mayor Lioneld Jordan said city crews have been working since midnight to treat the main roads, hillside streets, bridges and overpasses. Jordan said secondary roads will be treated later today.

With temperatures expected to remain below freezing, Jordan said it’s possible the roads could refreeze Sunday night.

“The crews will continue to work around the clock to stay on top of any road condition change through the day or night,” Jordan wrote on Facebook. “As always the roads and safety personnel are doing another fantastic job. That’s all I have right now. Everyone stay safe and warm.”

Below are a few more photos from around town Sunday morning.