Shulertown Food Truck Court to reopen Friday

Shulertown / Staff photo

It’s been 104 days since a fire destroyed the Wicked Wood Fired food truck, and damaged the Shulertown Food Truck court, causing it to close for three months.

This weekend, however, fried chicken, Mediterranean food, Asian cuisine, and more will once again be served from the trucks of Shulertown.

According to Frickin Chicken owner Clayton Scott, the food truck court will reopen to the public on Friday, March 15.

From a press release issued Wednesday:

The cause and origin of the fire is still under litigation, and most of the trucks have not been reimbursed for income loss. But after 104 days of shutdown, the Shulertown Food Truck Court is re-opening this weekend.

Wicked Wood Fired Pizza told us last week they don’t plan to return to Shulertown, but according to Scott, Blazin Asian, Frickin Chicken, Mediterrain, Paris Bankok and Ramblin’ Man all plan to reopen at the food truck court this weekend.