Green Submarine founder to open new concept Mess Hall 45 in East Fayetteville

Mess Hall 45 / Staff photo

The sandwich wizard behind one of the most popular restaurants in west Fayetteville is preparing to open a new concept on the east side of town.

Nathan Jendeski, founder of the popular Green Submarine sandwich restaurant on Wedington Drive, is working on a new restaurant called Mess Hall 45 at 1830 N Crossover Rd.

The new restaurant will have a casual feel similar to what Jendeski has created with Green Submarine, and will focus on “all things sandwich,” including submarine sandwiches, speciality burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads and wraps.

“I’m trying to walk a line,” he told us in an interview late last week. “It’s a community in that shopping center, so I’m not trying to compete with East Side Grill. I’m trying to go in there and serve a great lunch at a reasonable price, and offer another option on that side of town where pickings are a little slim.”

The name of the restaurant, he told us, is a nod to the military, service members, and first responders that Jendeski said he has always admired. His grandfather, father, mother, brother, and uncle all served, he told us, and he plans to offer a substantial discount to those individuals.

Otherwise, he said, the restaurant will operate on the same philosophy that has guided him with the Green Submarine over the years.

“Buy good stuff, sell it when it’s fresh, don’t mess it up,” Jendeski said.

If all goes well, the new restaurant will be open sometime in May or early June.