Listen to new releases from ten local bands

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There has been a lot of new local music released in the past few months. Like, a whole lot.

Here’s a round up of some of the recent releases we’re aware of, complete with links to where to purchase, and embeds to stream the albums on Spotify when available.

If you know of other local music released in the past few months, feel free to share a link in the comments.

Listen to some new local tunes!

Vintage Pistol – Trial & Error

Fayetteville roots/rock/jam band Vintage Pistol released their new album Trial & Error on March 1.

The record is now available via streaming services, and was recorded at Sound Source Studio in the Ozark Mountains.

The band is made up of Taylor Smith, Walt Blythe, Garrett August, Jonny Morden, and Jake Schaffer.

Listen to Trial & Error below, or purchase it here.

Smokey & The Mirror – Here and Now

Fayetteville folk/roots band Smokey & The Mirror released their new album, Here & Now, on March 15 of this year.

The album includes 9 songs, and was recorded at Haxton Road Studios in Bentonville.

The record was released digitally initially, but the band has also announced plans to release it on vinyl. The band is taking pre-orders for the records now, and they plan to begin shipping them next month.

Smokey & The Mirror is made up of husband and wife duo, Bryan and Bernice Hembree, though they typically add other musicians in the studio. Here’s a recent interview we did wit the band.

Listen to Here and Now below, or purchase it here.

Groaners – Groaners

Fayetteville rock band Groaners released their debut self-titled album on March 16.

The new album features 8 tracks, and is available via streaming services, and also on cassette via Tape Dad.

Groaners is made up of Brian Abel, Evan Garner, Sam King, J. Atlas Cohea.

Check out “Groaners” below, or purchase it here.

Shawn James – The Dark & The Light

Former Fayetteville songwriter Shawn James released his new album The Dark & The Light on March 22 on Parts + Labor Records.

James was born in Chicago, but called Fayetteville home for several years until recently. He spends a lot of his time on the road these days.

The record includes 10 new songs, and is available via all the typical streaming/download services.

Listen to The Dark & The Light below, or purchase it here.

Lost John – Let It Be Strange

Fayetteville folk/Americana band Lost John released their new record Let it Be Strange on March 29.

The album was recorded at singer Eric Witthans’ Homestead Recording in Fayetteville. It is available via steaming services, and was also pressed on black, clear, and limited edition Black & White Swirl vinyl, available locally at Block Street records.

Lost John is made up of Eric Witthans, Meredith Kimbrough, Brad Haj, Grant D’Aubin, Lee Zodrow, Baron Lyle, and Ryan Witthans on this record.

Check it out below, or purchase the record here.

Bones of the Earth – The Imminent Decline of Human Spirit

Fayetteville progressive/sludge/metal band Bones of the Earth released their debut album this month.

The record, titled The Imminent Decline of Human Spirit, officially came out April 4, and is available via Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and other services.

The record is also available on cassette via Fayetteville-based tape label, Tape Dad.

The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Raif Box at Holy Anvil Recording Co.

Check out The Imminent Decline of Human Spirit below, or purchase it here.

The Good Fear – Long Gone Brand New

Long-time Fayetteville rock band The Good Fear released their first album in over a decade this month.

The record officially came out on streaming services and on vinyl on April 10 via Little Rock-based record label, Max Recordings.

The album includes 9 tracks, and was recorded at East Hall Studios in Fayetteville. The band is made up of Zach Holland, Todd Gill, Dustin Bartholomew (disclosure, Gill and Bartholomew are co-founders of the Flyer), Bryan Brown, and Damon Singleton.

Listen to Long Gone Brand New below, or purchase it here.

Handmade Moments – Paw Paw Tree

Former Fayetteville residents Handmade Moments actually released their newest album Paw Paw Tree in 2018, but the record was just released on vinyl this month on San Fransisco-based Jumpsuit Records.

The record includes 10 tracks, and the band was just in town to celebrate the vinyl release on April 19.

The band, made up of Anna Moss and Joel Ludford, used to call Fayetteville home, but when they are not on the road these days, they have been residing in New Orleans.

Listen to Paw Paw Tree below, or purchase it here.

Claw Marks American – Prairie Grove

Local rock band Claw Marks American just released a new album titled Prairie Grove on April 19.

The record is available via streaming services, features 11 new tracks, and was recorded mostly at East Hall Recording in Fayetteville.

Claw Marks American is Chase Davidson, Brock Davidson, Zach Martin, and Kirby Westmoreland.

Listen to Prairie Grove below.

Honeyjack – Better Luck Next Time (Single)

Fayetteville rock band Honeyjack is set to release a new single this week.

The new track is called Better Luck Next Time, and will be available via streaming services beginning on Friday, May 3.

The band, featuring locals Mark Summerlin (BE, Seal, David Foster) and TJ Scarlett (Rut-Bustin’ Guitar, RiverBilly, Barret Baber), and will celebrate the release of the new track with a happy hour performance at George’s (also on May 3).

We will embed the new track here once it’s officially released.

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