Algae warning no longer in effect for Lake Fayetteville

File photo

Algae levels are back to normal at Lake Fayetteville.

City officials last month issued a warning to residents to take safety measures when visiting the lake after a water sample showed high levels of microcystin, which is an algae toxin released during the decay of some algae types in an algae bloom.

Officials said the spring’s heavy and frequent rain storms combined with lake’s nutrient levels and recent warm temperatures have encouraged rapid growth of algae, which created the bloom.

At the time, a team of students from the University of Arkansas found 11 micrograms per liter (ug/L) of microcystin in one of several samples. A public advisory is required when samples show 10 or more ug/L.

Newer samples taken recently from the lake show that microcystin levels are now 1.7 ug/L, which is well below the advisory level.

Officials said lake visitors no longer need to take extra precautions when near the water.