Here’s a list of Arkansas-based podcasts to help get you through the summer

Local podcasters Daniel Quin and Aaron Dotson interview musician Mark Summerlin for an episode of ‘Look What I Did’, their podcast about local creators

Summer is here, which means a lot of things to a lot of people.

It might mean a long road trip with the family to the beach. It’s a good time to head to the gym for a workout to get in shape, or to work in the yard gardening or mowing the lawn.

For all of the above mentioned activities, and for plenty of others, listening to podcasts help pass the time and keep our minds busy while we work on some of these more tedious tasks.

And for all the Sarah Koenigs and Marc Marons out there creating nationally-known podcasts, there are also plenty that are created right here in our neck of the woods, covering everything from Arkansas-based businesses, to local politics, to Razorback sports, and plenty of other topics.

We asked our Facebook fans to share some of their favorite local podcasts, and we received dozens of suggestions. Here’s a list of some of the more active and well known podcasts we found that are created in, or about (or both) the state of Arkansas.

As always, if you know about other local podcasts that folks need to be aware of, feel free to tell us about them in the comments below.

Look What I Did

Daniel Quin and Aaron Dotson of Look What I Did

Look What I Did Podcast is created in NWA by locals Daniel Quin and Aaron Dotson. The podcast comes out generally 2-3 times per month, and features interviews with local designers, filmmakers, musicians, illustrators, and in general, people who make things.

You can find it via Apple Podcasts,, and other podcast services.

Mark of the Maker

Mark of the Maker is a panel discussion with renowned custom knife makers Tom Krein (Siloam Springs), Sean Kendrick, Michael Burch and hosted by Mark Stheiner. The format is much like a group of friends, sitting down in The Pit at Blade Show, talking about life, knives and knifemaking.

The podcast is available via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, I Heart Radio, Tune In, and Youtube. For more, check out their website.

The Drive In Speakerbox

Drive In Speakerbox is a weekly film review show created by locals Jake Howell and Bo Counts, aka “The Boom Operator” and “The Grip.” The podcast has been around for years, and was once a radio show on the UA’s KXUA student-run radio station before becoming a podcast.

You can listen to it on most podcast services including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and others, and you can check out a video version on Youtube.

George’s Live Podcast

Local musician and promoter Travis Smith recently launched a podcast called George’s Live, covering the musicians coming to town to perform at the legendary music venue, George’s Majestic Lounge.

The podcast comes out several times per month, and includes artist interviews and other news about the venue.

It is available via Youtube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Pocket Casts.

Lean Back

Lean Back is a podcast by locals Lisa Corrigan and Laura Weiderhaft, and covers a host of feminist issues.

The podcast just finished its fifth season back in November, and was recognized by Paste Magazine as one of the publication’s favorite podcasts back in 2017.

It is available via Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Podbean, and other services.

Tribe Talk

Courtesy graphic

Another local podcast covering womens issues is Tribe Talk, created by Amy Reeves Robinson of the Tribe of Women blog.

From the description:

Have you wondered what would happen if women supported and accepted each other more? Or why “mean girl culture” is accepted as “just the way it is”? Here on the Tribe Talk podcast, we are addressing these questions by challenging the status quo, contributing to the creation of cultures of women supporting women, more good men, and learning to “tribe”, together.

The podcast is available via Apple Podcasts, Podbean, and at

NWA Democrat Gazette/Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Both the statewide Arkansas Democrat-Gazette newspaper, and the regional NWA Democrat Gazette have entered the podcast business.

NWA Democrat-Gazette creates podcasts on outdoors, arts & events, sports, politics, and other issues, and posts them under a single feed on Apple Podcasts.

Arkansas Democrat Gazette creates a short 3-4 minute weekday podcast touching on the stories of the day.

Ozark Whispers

Fiction podcasts are a growing trend, and we found one that is set in the natural state.

It’s called Ozark Whispers, and covers fictional paranormal stories around central character Vincent Vagnetti, a journalist by day and paranormal investigator by night from Eureka Springs.

Two seasons of the podcast have been produced, with the second season wrapping up just before the end of the year.

We found it on Apple Podcasts, and several other services.

Museum Way

Crystal Bridges / Courtesy

There’s always a ton happening at Crystal Bridges, and now you can keep up with it all via the museum’s podcast, Museum Way.

There are currently 14 episodes ranging from 16 minutes to 48 minutes in length, covering a host of topics related to museum exhibits, upcoming events, women artists, and others.

It is available via Apple Podcasts here.

Startup Junkie

If you’re interested in entrepreneurship, and learning more about Arkansas companies, NWA-based organization Startup Junkie has a podcast for you.

There are currently 163 episodes of the podcast that comes out 3-4 times per month. It covers everything from issues that young entrepreneurs face, to highlighting local businesses, best practices, and more.

It is available via Apple Podcasts here.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Podcast

Speaking of entrepreneurship, Fayetteville-based photographer Courtney Garrett is producing a podcast that also focuses on young entrepreneurs.

Her podcast, called The Entrepreneurial Spirit Podcast, got its start earlier this year, and had been focusing on profiling local business owners, and discussing the struggles they face, lessons they learn, and documenting successes and struggles along the way.

The podcast currently has 13 episodes, and comes out a few times per month.

Check it out on Apple Podcasts.

Friday Afternoon Deploy

If you’re into technology, you might enjoy Friday Afternoon Deploy, the podcast by Fayetteville engineering firm Lofty LAbs.

The podcast covers software development on platforms like Python, Django, Ruby on Rails, Golant, and others. The podcast comes out a couple times a week.

Here’s a link to their feed on Apple Podcasts.

I Am Northwest Arkansas

Courtesy graphic

NWA resident Randy Wilburn has a new(ish) podcast covering “the intersection of business, culture, entrepreneurship, and life in Benton and Washington Counties” in Arkansas.

Wilburn’s podcast, called “I Am Northwest Arkansas,” features interviews with locals like Hannah Withers of Leverett Lounge and Maxine’s Tap Room, local attorney Woody Bassett, Wright’s BBQ owner Jordan Wright, and others.

There are currently 19 episodes produced, and it coues out generally several times per month. Episodes are around a half-hour to 45 minutes long.

Here’s a link to their feed via Apple Podcasts.

The Adoptive Mom

Also in NWA, local resident Alex Fittin is producing a podcast about the adoption process, and a host of issues that face adoptive parents.

The podcast, called The Adoptive Mom, has been going for four seasons, with more that 63 episodes so far. It generally comes out several times per month.

More info is available on their website, and here’s a link to their feed via Apple Podcasts.

Walton Biz Talk

The Walton College at the University of Arkansas produces a podcast called “Walton Biz Talk.”

The podcast covers issues facing business students, from “what it means to be a college student, how to transition from a college student fo a young professional, and all sorts of other business, communication, and professionalism topics.”

There are about three dozen episodes created so far. Here’s a link to their feed on Apple Podcasts.

Ozarks At Large

Longtime local radio program Ozarks at Large, the show hosted by Kyle Kellams that airs daily on KUAF, is also a podcast.

There are two ways to listen; either by daily episode, or if you prefer to digest in bite-sized chunks, you can listen to the individual stories.

Here’s the feed for the full episodes, and here’s the one for the stories.

Arkansas Times Week in Review

Little Rock-based publication Arkansas Times also has a weekly podcast.

It’s called Arkansas Times Week in Review, and features editors Lindsey Millar and Max Brantley discussing the stories from the week.

Each episode is about 20-30 minutes long. Here’s a link to the feed.

Capitol View

Capitol view is the podcast-version of the long running Sunday political talk show of the same name that airs on KARK-TV in Little Rock.

The show covers interviews and features with the state’s top political newsmakers, and is hosted by Jessi Turnure.

It comes out consistently once per week. Her’s a link to the feed.

Talk Business and Politics

Speaking of state politics, Talk Business and Politics also hosts a podcast covering business and political discussion from around the state.

It’s hosted by publisher Roby Brock, and features commentary from columnist John Brummett. Here’s a link to the feed.

The Hog Pod

Courtesy graphic

Longtime sports radio personality Bo Mattingly has a new podcast covering Razorback sports.

The show, called The Hog Pod, started back in March, and there are currently 14 episodes available. The show features interviews with Hog coaches and players, and other Razorback-related content.

Here’s a link to the feed.

Locked on Razorbacks

Local radio personality John Nabors hosts a podcast called Locked on Razorbacks.

The show covers Razorback news, and features interviews with coaches, and more.

Here’s a link to the feed.

Hawgsports Live publisher Trey Biddy, and writers Danny West and Pete Roulier talk all-things Razorbacks on the Hawgsports Live Podcast.

The show comes out several times per week, and range from around a half hour to 45 minutes long.

Here’s a link to the feed.

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