Here are the street projects planned for Phase 1 of the 2019 bond issue

Rolling Hills Drive and College Avenue / Photo: Flyer staff

Fayetteville voters are one step closer to seeing some of the infrastructure improvements associated with the April 9 bond election.

City Council members last week approved issuing the bonds for Phase 1 of a long list of work set to be funded as part of the referendum. The bonds will generate about $226 million for road, drainage, trail and park improvements; economic development; construction of a cultural arts corridor with new parking facilities; a new police headquarters; three new fire stations; various city facilities improvements; and refinancing outstanding sales tax bonds.

The funds are expected to arrive in September. The plan is to split the projects into three three-year phases since most of the money is required to be spent within three years of issuing the bonds.

Just like the previous bond issue from 13 years ago, some of the most noticeable projects will be street improvements. The 2006 bond program paid for a variety of work, including the 71B flyover bridge, the widening of Garland Avenue, an extension of Van Asche Drive, and improvements to North College Avenue.

Below is a list of construction projects and design projects included in the first phase of street work. An overall description of the work planned at each corridor or intersection is also included.

Construction Work

Street improvements proposed for Phase 1 of this latest bond issue will include about $32 million worth of construction projects on Rupple Road, Zion Road, Deane Street, Rolling Hills Drive, Steamboat Drive and Archibald Yell Boulevard.

An extension of Sain Street, adding an entrance to Centennial Park, and construction of the Maple Street Cycle Track are also slated for the first phase of construction.

Intersection construction projects planned for Phase 1 includes work at the Porter Road and I-49 interchange, 15th Street and Razorback Road, Shiloh Drive and the Fulbright Expressway, and at Center Street and Harmon Avenue.

Railroad crossing improvements are also slated for construction at Futrall Drive and Gregg Avenue, and at Shiloh Drive and Gregg Avenue.

Design Work

About $1.8 million will be spent on design for several street projects (actual construction funds would come later).

Those projects include improvements to Sycamore Street, College Avenue, North Street, Rolling Hills Drive, and Joyce Boulevard.

Other projects set for design include extending the Old Wire Road Cycle Track, and intersection improvements at Millsap Road and College Avenue.

Overall Project Descriptions

Rupple Road Extension – Completion of the last missing segment of Rupple Road from Tanyard Drive to Weir Road. The project includes four travel lanes, a center median, sidewalks on the east side, and a 12-foot multi-use trail on the west side.

Zion Road Improvements – Roadway improvements, bicycle accommodations, and sidewalks are proposed between Vantage Drive and Crossover Road. A mini-roundabout is proposed at the Old Missouri Road intersection.

Porter Road/Deane Street/Sycamore Street Corridor – Includes several segments with varying proposals:

  • A roundabout is proposed at the northbound I-49 on ramp from Porter Road.
  • Sidewalk improvements, turn lanes, bicycle accommodations, and transit improvements are proposed on the Porter/Dean corridor from I-49 to Garland Avenue.
  • Sycamore Street is proposed to be widened to three lanes with sidewalks and bicycle accommodations from Garland Avenue to Leverett Street.
  • The plan is to reallocate some of the 4-lane roadway space to provide more room for bicycles and pedestrians on Sycamore Street from Leverett Street to Gregg Avenue.

North Street/Mission Boulevard Corridor – Includes several segments with varying proposals:

  • Pedestrian improvements are proposed on North Street from Garland Avenue to Gregg Avenue, as well as work to connect the retail and restaurant areas on Garland Avenue to the surrounding residential areas and the Razorback Greenway. Pedestrian safety improvements are also proposed at the intersection of North Street and Garland Avenue.
  • A left-turn lane for westbound traffic is proposed at the intersection of North Street and College Avenue, along with general intersection alignment and signalization upgrades.
  • Pedestrian safety improvements are proposed along North Street from College Avenue to Mission Boulevard, as well as intersection improvements at Hillcrest Avenue.
  • An additional lane is proposed for vehicles turning right onto North Street from Mission Boulevard. Pedestrian and bicycle improvements are proposed on Mission Boulevard from North Street to Old Wire Road.

Highway 71B Corridor – A study of the 71B corridor from Cato Springs Road and the northern city limits will identify recommended improvements to the corridor to include access management, pedestrian improvements, new signalization and other intersection improvements, aesthetics and branding, and congestion management strategies. Phase 1 will include design from North Street to Township Street.

Maple Street Cycle Track – This project will create a bicycle corridor between the Razorback Greenway and Garland Avenue along the south side of Maple Street. It will include construction of a 2-way cycle track along the south side of Maple Street, signalization at Gregg Avenue and Maple street, and new sidewalks along both sides of Maple between Gregg Avenue and Garland Avenue.

15th Street/Razorback Road Intersection – Installation of a traffic signal or a roundabout to manage traffic, as well as connection of sidewalks on either side of the railroad tracks near the intersection.

College Avenue/Millsap Road Intersection – Adding a left-turn lane for drivers turning north onto College Avenue from Millsap Road. Realignment of lanes on both sides of College Avenue, signalization timing and phasing improvements, and installation of crosswalks and pedestrian signals.

Rolling Hills Drive – Includes two main projects:

  • Extending Rolling Hills Drive west of College Avenue (Fiesta Square) to provide connections with Appleby Road and Plainview Avenue.
  • Pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements along the existing corridor between College Avenue and Old Missouri Road, along with traffic flow improvements at certain intersections.

Shiloh Drive/Fulbright Expressway Intersection – Adding a roundabout or a traffic signal (will require approval by the Arkansas Department of Transportation).

Sain Street Extension – Connecting Sain Street to Vantage Drive. The longterm plan is to eventually provide access to Sain Street from the Fulbright Expressway, which would allow traffic to get from the expressway to Joyce Boulevard without ever using the Joyce/College intersection.

Archibald Yell Boulevard – The goal is to provide safe pathways for pedestrians to cross Archibald Yell. Concepts include intersection improvements and signalization at College Avenue, and at South Street.

Center Street/Harmon Avenue Intersection – Intersection improvements and signalization, including pedestrian signals.

Steamboat Drive – Connecting Steamboat to Dorothy Jeanne Street.