Things to do in Omaha (from someone who lives there)

Lauritzen Gardens / Courtesy

They’re coming from Fayetteville. They’re coming from Little Rock. From Fort Smith. From Pine Bluff. From all four corners of the Natural State.

“A Bright Red Razorback caravan is headed to Nebraska, and this time, we’re coming for the whole damn thing.”

That was the call from Razorback radio announcer Phil Elson, as the Hogs wrapped up their Super Regional versus Ole Miss last weekend, and in case you were curious, even typing those words a week later can give you chills.

You wouldn’t exactly have to be Nostradamus to predict that Hog fans would be be out in full force in Omaha this weekend, and as expected, Elson’s words are already ringing true as Hog fans have flooded “college baseball’s emerald city” in anticipation of the Razorbacks’ appearance in this year’s College World Series.

The Hogs are set to take on Florida State at 6 p.m. central on Saturday night in their first CWS matchup.

The question on at least a few Hog fans minds that made the trip up I-49 (with a few detours thanks to recent flooding) this year is, what to do until gametime?

That’s where we come in.

We reached out to our friends at, a site covering all things Cornhuskers, to get some local recommendations, and deputy editor Erin Sorensen (who definitely knows her way around the city) from the site provided us with a great list of some of her favorites places to eat, grab a drink, and things to see in Omaha.

After all, we’re planning to be in town for a while.

Thanks to Erin for the recommendations, and since the Hogs are no strangers to Omaha this time of year, we assume some of you have your own suggestions as well. Feel free to share them in the comments below.



ChickenAndWaffleMacBurritoThing from Block 16 / Courtesy

Block 16 (1611 Farnam Street, Omaha)
“Farm-to-table street food,” and “Serving Alton Brown’s favorite hamburger in the country.” Open for lunch Monday-Saturday, and dinner Thursday-Saturday.

Early Bird (3824 Farnam St #120, Omaha)
Great place for brunch, but get there early, Erin says. “Wait is always crazy by 9:30.”

Saddle Creek Breakfast Club (1540 N Saddle Creek Rd, Omaha)
Another great breakfast place, but again, get there early. Erin says “the banana pancakes are absolutely insane.”

Noli’s Pizzeria in Blackstone (4001 Farnam St, Omaha)
Awesome pizza, and Erin says “Coneflower for ice cream after Noli’s and don’t be deterred by the line.”

Dinker’s Bar & Grill (2368 S 29th St, Omaha)
Erin says, “A bit off the beaten path from downtown but not much. It’s a true dive and they only take cash but best burgers in town.”

California Taco (3235 California St, Omaha)
Counter-service Mexican restaurant, known for their fried, puffy taco shells.

Blatt Beer & Table (610 N 12th St, Omaha)
Erin says, “Get the mac and cheese bites, or else.”

Farine + Four (3020 Leavenworth St, Omaha)
Baker and cafe known for their fresh-baked breads. Erin says, “(Go) for the chicken sandwich alone.”


Craft cocktails from Mercury / Courtesy

The Homy Inn (1510 N Saddle Creek Rd, Omaha)
Erin says “Champagne on tap!”

Mercury (329 S 16th St #3, Omaha)
Bar and kitchen with midcentury vibe. “Their menu should still be comic book themed and it was fully designed by Quentin and Hanscom Park.”

Beercade (6104 Maple St, Omaha)
Four words. Beers and arcade games.

Huber-Haus (3578 Farnam St, Omaha)
German beer bar, below Crescent Moon. “They’re known for Das Boot.”

Nite Owl (3902 Farnam St, Omaha)
Serves burgers, wings, and veggie fare, but Erin says go for the drinks. Also shows cult classic films on a big screen. “It’s fully based on a bar in Portland,” Erin says.

La Buvette Wine Bar & Grocery (511 S 11th St, Omaha)
Erin says, “For those wanting wine or limoncello and a really cool spot.

Zipline Brewing Co. (721 N 14th St, Omaha)
Brewery and taproom near TD Ameritrade

Things to do

Callie, an 18 year old elephant at the Henry Doorly Zoo / Courtesy

Henry Doorly Zoo (3701 S 10th St, Omaha)
A 130 acre zoo and aquarium. We went to this one a few years ago when the Hogs were in town, and can vouch for it. It’s a legit zoo.

Lauritzen Gardens (100 Bancroft Street, Omaha)
Lauritzen Gardens are a botanical gardens and arboretum

Joslyn Art Museum (2200 Dodge St, Omaha)
The principal fine arts museum in the state of Nebraska. Collection includes a mix of European and American art, from ancient art to modern and contemporary pieces.

Weekend Farmers’ Market
Downtown on Saturday, Aksarben on Sunday

Omaha-Only Experiences

Alpine Inn (10405 Calhoun Rd, Omaha)
From Erin, “Fried chicken, and the bones are tossed to local raccoons who you get to watch destroy them from a window in the back.”

Surfside Club (14445 N River Dr, Omaha)
From Erin, “Fried chicken and catfish, plus corn fritters. Passing boaters often moon diners.”

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