Artist Kat Wilson to refresh ‘SelfieThrone’ installation for new show Aug. 1

Photo: Kat Wilson

Local artist Kat Wilson has a new show coming up in Fayetteville.

Wilson will debut a new iteration of her #SelfieThrone installation at her studio in Trailside Village (546 West Center St.) on Thursday, August 1.

The installation features a “throne” styled by the artist, and designed to be an interactive photography project that “enables anyone with a smart phone to participate in portrait-making on a themed professional set.”

For the newest installment of #SelfieThrone, Wilson will collaborate with projection map artist Mike Abb on an installation that explores and engages the themes of hell.

From the artist statement:

A sort of open-access expansion on artist Kat Wilson’s Habitats series, her #SelfieThrone is an interactive art project that employs elements of photography, sculpture, and performance art to explore the line between self-empowerment and self-obsession made blurrier by social media. Wilson is present as an artist in the construction of the thrones, which she composes from neon, projection mapping, and curated personal objects before stepping away from her typical role as photographer, inviting anyone who passes by to participate in a spectacle of beauty and grandeur using their own phones. Playful and dynamic, #SelfieThrone offers a complex commentary on portraiture in the age of Instagram, redefining the role of the photographer and welcoming the in-person performance of ego and its sister self-love.

Wilson is well known for her Habitats series, a collection featuring individuals photographed in their homes surrounded by their possessions.

She has shown her work all over, including at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock, and in Reno, Nevada, and Chicago, Illinois.

The new show will coincide with the Augustin installment of First Thursday, with the opening reception set to begin at 6 p.m. on Aug. 1.

For a bit more info about Wilson’s work, check out her website.