New businesses and grand openings: Greenrose, Hello Hemp

New Businesses is a monthly advertising feature allowing recently-opened businesses to introduce themselves to Fayetteville.

Photo: Greenrose


Owner: Daphne Scott

Location: Online. Storefront coming to Fayetteville soon!

Hours: Shop online with us at any hour.

Website/Social Media Links:
Instagram: @shopgreenrose_

What do you offer?
Women’s and Men’s Apparel, Home Goods, Accessories, and more.

What makes you unique?
Greenrose brands meet one or more of the following criteria: – use sustainable fabrics (natural fabrics that are good for your skin and kind to the earth) – utilize eco friendly practices from production to shipping and beyond – pay fair and livable wages – give back to the community. Our store also repurposes used shipping boxes to ship our products, and utilizes compostable bags.

Anything else you’d like to tell Fayetteville about your new business:
Greenrose offers curated luxe garments and goods with sustainability and eco friendly practices in mind. With fast fashion’s (fast fashion is an umbrella term for inexpensive clothing mass produced by large retailers and using synthetic, low quality fabrics) harsh and negative impact on our environment, our dream is to inspire individuals to invest in long lasting, quality items and to help combat fashion pollution, which ranks as the third highest polluting industry in the world. The journey towards sustainability and becoming more eco friendly is exactly that, a journey, and Greenrose invites Fayetteville to join us.

Hello Hemp / Courtesy graphic


Owner: Donna Porter

Location: Fayetteville, AR

Hours: No store location – I do statewide events, home parties, take call-in orders at 412-328-1817 for local delivery or pick-up and have an online store.

Website/Social Media Links:
Email: [email protected]

What do you offer? 
I offer a carefully selected line of top-quality CBD & Hemp-derived products that I have thoroughly researched and chosen using a list of 12 criteria. My products include: Sublingual Oils, Targeted Topical Pain Salve, Skin Care Products (skin repair, scrubs, bath bombs & lip balms), hemp hearts, hemp protein, hemp seed oil + more. My chosen CBD products are high-concentration, organic, 3rd party lab tested, full or broad-spectrum, extracted from U.S. grown hemp flower and formulated with other excellent botanical ingredients.

What makes you unique?  
By profession, I am a Horticulturist, and have educated myself about cannabis and the cannabis industry. I am passionate about this plant (and its plethora of products) and love teaching others about it. (To clarify – cannabis includes both marijuana and hemp. The main difference is that hemp MUST contain LESS than 0.3% THC – the psychoactive ingredient). I completed an online Master of Cannabis certification course in 2017, attended numerous cannabis trade shows and conferences, spent time in Colorado learning about the industry and continually read and research about all things cannabis. My focus, though, is hemp and not marijuana. I am a huge advocate of the U.S. Hemp industry and want to see it regain a strong foothold in this country. Its possibilities are endless!

This is the same approach I took when I started the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks back in 1993. I educated myself (attended conferences, visited numerous gardens, read, researched) about how to start a botanical garden. There were NO books on this subject and NO internet at that time! I was a passionate, pioneering trail blazer back then in my early 30’s and I still am. I like the challenge of delving into new & unfamiliar territory and enlightening people about the extraordinary possibilities of these unknowns.

Anything else you’d like to tell Fayetteville about your new business?
Yes! The U.S. Hemp industry is only in its infancy stage, changing daily and evolving rapidly. Hemp became federally legal in the U.S. in December of 2018 but has yet to be regulated by the FDA. Unfortunately, this means, buyer beware. There is so much to know to become an aware consumer and so many questions you should be asking either the manufacturers or retailers of CBD products, especially those taken internally like the sublingual oils. Those 3rd party lab results (COAs) are key! I have seen too many companies that boast them and post them, but then when I examine them closely, I find they are incomplete, invalid, outdated and/or contradict the company’s claims. I have done the homework, asked the necessary questions and I know what makes a quality product.

Through HelloHemp! I want to help people to make informed decisions so that they get the best value for their money, are utilizing safe, quality products and are getting the MOST BENEFIT from CBD & Hemp. I offer some of the best quality products on the market. Bottom line – I want to be your knowledgeable and trusted source for superior CBD/hemp-derived products, and I hope to gain your loyalty as a customer to my new, local business.

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