New film ‘American Cherry’ now filming in south Fayetteville

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A new feature film is currently in production in south Fayetteville.

A crew was spotted earlier this week at Ronda’s Roadhouse at 504 E 15th St. Incidentally, the same restaurant was also used in the production of True Detective last year.

Fayetteville-based Rockhill Studio confirmed this week they are providing production services for the project.

According to a Variety Magazine story from last week, Sarah May Sommers (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), Hart Denton (Riverdale) and Leonor Varela (Cleopatra, Sleep Dealer) will star in the film.

Variety described the film as a “psychological thriller-romance” from Louis Arriola’s NYLA Media Group.

The film is directed by Marcella Cytrynowicz, and based on the screenplay she wrote. It is her first feature. It is produced by Taryn Sims and David Ross from NYLA Productions, Jeff Wald, Hanna Griffiths, and Geoff Goodman.

From the synopsis.

Set in small town, low-income suburbia, “American Cherry” follows a teenage girl who must navigate her freedom and personal identity within a fractured, dysfunctional family. Varela plays her mother, suffering with mental illness and substance abuse, and Denton plays the boy next door who becomes the object of her fascination. Sommers is a co-producer.

According to Taryn Arriola, head of production with NYLA Productions, the movie will filming in town through Aug. 8.

The film is currently seeking background actors age 15-21 for a school dance scene set to be filmed on July 26. For more information, email actorscastingagency(at)gmail(dot)com.