Atlas restaurant coming to Block Avenue

Staff photo

A new fine dining restaurant serving food inspired by cuisine from around the world is coming to Block Avenue.

The new restaurant, called Atlas, will be located at 208 N. Block Avenue in the building formerly home to Big Star bar, Beaver Electric, and a host of other businesses since it was built back in the 1920s.

Atlas will be co-owned by locals Elliot Hunt and Brandon Rostek. Hunt is a chef that has cooked and studied at locations all over the world, and the food at the restaurant will take inspiration from his travels to France, India, Ecuador, Australia, Morocco, and other locales, he said.

From the restaurant website:

Inspired by Chef Elliot’s culinary journeys across six continents, Atlas incorporates striking dishes, modern techniques, and a spirit of adventure to create a restaurant that tells the story of our world through the language of food and hospitality.

Our mission at Atlas is to deliver a dining experience that takes you on a journey, involving all your senses, while setting the standard for service in Northwest Arkansas.

Our passion for discovery through travel is purposefully reflected in the thoughtfully curated interior design of the c. 1925 Ellis Building in downtown Fayetteville. The lounge and dining room showcase antiques, serving pieces, and art objects from around the world to captivating effect.

Rostek has restaurant experience as well. His mother a general manager and catering coordinator, and his father is a chef and graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, and Brandon grew up working in their restaurants.

Atlas will also be a bit of a family affair. Hunt’s parents, French Metro owners Renee and Terry Hunt, own the building, and will be helping with the decor. His brother Alexander is also helping out with decorations, and built the website for the business.

Elliot characterized the restaurant as global fusion and upscale fine dining, using French and Italian cooking techniques.

“We’re hoping to create a big city restaurant here in Fayetteville,” he said.

If all goes well, Elliot said he hopes to have the restaurant up and running sometime before the end of 2019.