Survey asks what shops and restaurants Fayetteville should recruit


Officials want to know what shops and restaurants people would like to see in Fayetteville.

A new survey seeks to ensure the city’s economic developers are recruiting the right types of businesses to the right part of town. It also includes an interactive map where residents can drop pins in specific locations where they’d like to see certain businesses.

“We receive a lot of requests from Fayetteville residents for specific types of business in various locations,” said Devin Howland, the city’s director of economic vitality. “This tool gives everyone a platform to let us know exactly what businesses they’d like to see open in Fayetteville.”

Aside from asking about certain types of businesses, the survey also invites respondents to list specific names of retail shops, grocery stores and restaurants residents would like to have in town.

The survey and map are available at the city’s Speak Up Fayetteville website.