Persimmon tree in Wilson Park recognized as largest in state

Courtesy photo

A persimmon tree at Wilson Park was recently recognized as being the largest of its species in the state.

Washington County Forester Kevin Hickie recently confirmed the measurements of the tree, which make it an Arkansas State Champion tree.

State Champion trees are decided by using a formula based on the tree’s circumference, height, and 25% of the crown width. The Wilson Park persimmon tree measures 69 feet tall, with a crown width of 34 feet and a trunk circumference of 64 inches.

Nathan Albertson, grounds crew leader and certified arborist with the city, recently noted the tree’s size and submitted the documentation to have the tree confirmed as a possible State Champion.

The persimmon tree can be found from the trail on the south side of Wilson Park just southwest of the Wilson Park Pool across the creek. The city’s Urban Forestry staff will soon place a plaque near the tree commemorating its State Champion status.

Persimmon trees are one of several species set to be given away to Fayetteville residents during the annual Celebration of Trees this Saturday, Oct. 26 on the square.

From the city:

The persimmon is an important native tree that produces an edible fruit enjoyed by humans and a wide variety of wildlife. The fruits turn an orange to purple color when they ripen in the fall, and can be made into jelly or preserves. The trees are easily identified by their gray bark that is broken into small blocks. Persimmon trees typically grow to 35-60 feet tall in full sun to part shade and will tolerate poor clay or rocky soils.

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