Arkansas Community Foundation offering mini-grants to nonprofits assisting in COVID-19 relief

Arkansas Community Foundation is accepting proposals for mini-grants for non profit organizations assisting in COVID-19 relief.

The organization will award $1,000 grants to organizations responding to the immediate needs of vulnerable populations affected by the virus, including any organization with 501c3 status including churches, hospitals, schools, or givernment entities based anywhere in Arkansas.

Priority will be given to organizations that:

  • Provide human services and emergency assistance (for example, food, shelter, transportation, living expenses, rent/utility assistance, etc.)
  • Primarily serve vulnerable populations, including children who are out of school and families without childcare, people who have lost a source of income due to the pandemic, people who are at high risk medically, people who are homeless or incarcerated and individuals who lack paid sick leave or health insurance.  
  • Disseminate factual safety and response information to vulnerable communities such as non-English speaking residents, rural residents, senior citizens, etc. 

The organizations may use the funding to support clients’ basic needs, cover costs associated with decreased staffing or remote-working due to quarantine/social distancing, provide mental health programming for clients or staff, coordinate/facilitate in-kind donations to sites and organizations that provide human services and serve vulnerable populations. 

Arkansas Community Foundation is also seeking donations for its COVID-19 fund. Donations can be made online at, by mailing a check to Arkansas Community Foundation, 5 Allied Drive, Suite 51110, Little Rock, AR 72202 or by contacting the Community Foundation directly at 888-220-2723.

To apply for the grants, visit