Emergency rule: Arkansas restaurants can offer beer and wine with takeout orders

On the same day that Gov. Asa Hutchinson ordered all Arkansas restaurants and bars to close dining areas, state officials issued an emergency order allowing restaurants to offer beer and wine with takeout orders.

The 30-day rule is effective immediately, and applies to any restaurant licensed to sell beer and wine.

Licensed restaurants may sell corked or sealed bottles of wine with the purchase of food, consistent with their existing ability to allow a customer to take home an unfinished bottle of wine that was purchased with food.

Additionally, any restaurant licensed to sell beer under any permit, may sell sealed cans and bottles of beer to customers with the purchase of food.

During the emergency period, distilleries, small breweries and small farm wineries will be allowed to offer delivery of their products as long as they’re not delivered by a third party company.

Mixed drinks and hard liquor are not part of the emergency order, and cannot to be sold for off-site consumption, although mixers and setups are allowed without spirits.