Weekend Flyer: Play some Uno, dye some eggs, Easter takeout

Staff photo

Our calendar is still suspended, and last week we wrote about jigsaw puzzles, so that means it is probably time to put the Weekend Flyer to rest for a while.

We’re not. Probably should. Not happening.

This week, we know of a couple opportunities to watch some local music online. JJ’s Social Distancing Live from their Rogers location’s Facebook page is happening this weekend, with performances by Dirty Flannel Shirt on Friday, and Mister Lucky on Saturday. Performances are from 6-8 p.m.

On Saturday night, piano and electronic artist Amos Cochran, violinist Miranda Baker Burns, and cellist Christian Serrano-Torres will perform at SOL Studios in Fort Smith. The show will be streamed at facebook.com/solstudios.ar/.

You could take a break from cooking and support a local restaurant by ordering takeout. Big Box Karaoke is offering take out food again on Friday and Saturday. They also have some of their house Sake to-go this weekend.

Sunday is Easter, and we also started a list of local places offering takeout for the holiday here.

You could also play some Uno, dye some eggs, take a Quarantine Habitat portrait, ride a horse, try to draw a horse (it’s harder than you think), mow your lawn, mow somebody else’s lawn, mow everyone’s lawns in the entire neighborhood, pick up groceries for a neighbor, fill a little free pantry, start watching Devs on Hulu, make some brownies, make some masks, re-build your carburetor, match Tupperware lids, clean out a closet, do a cartwheel, do some Legos, build a model, listen to John Prine, try not to eat all the chips, figure out what essential oils are, play guitar, learn to play guitar, get better at playing guitar, or build your own guitar out of household materials.

That’s all we can think of for now. Hang in there, everyone.