Former Hogs raise almost $20,000 to help workers in second round eating challenge

Former Hogs Nick Brewer and Grant Cook complete an eating challenge, and raise nearly $20,000 to help local workers


There are currently no sports to watch right now because of the COVID-19 outbreak, but a couple former Razorbacks have given locals something to root for on the weekends.

Last Friday night, former Hogs Nick Brewer and Grant Cook completed a second eating challenge live on Instagram, this time gobbling food from local restaurant Sassy’s Red House while also raising almost $20,000 to help local hospitality workers.

Fellow Hog and current Detroit Lion starting center Frank Ragnow provided commentary for the event.

We talked to Brewer last week, who started all of this a few weeks ago when he raised nearly $14,000 on his own while eating a tray of cheeseburgers and fries.

This time, Brewer and Cook took down a half order each of Sassy’s barbecue nachos, a plate of waffle fries, seven chipotle chicken paninis, four pints of beer, one pint of Fireball whiskey, and two fried pies during their latest event.

Both men ended up shirtless, doing something called the “Koala challenge” at the end of the night.

Brewer vowed to spend the money he raised in his first challenge on meals for frontline healthcare workers, and as surprise large tips for local restaurant employees working through the outbreak.

According to a Facebook post on Brewer’s page, he’ll distribute the funds he raised in the second round by donating $4,500 to Leverett Lounge’s ‘Feed the Heard’ program for laid off hospitality workers, and $4,500 to the Fayetteville Restaurant Association’s restaurant worker fund to help some of those same folks with expenses.

They also committed to distributing $4,500 of it in random large tips to locals who are working through the crisis.

They’ll purchase $3,000 in Sassy’s Red House gift cards to donate to laid off workers, and they’ll donate $3,000 to Fayetteville Public Schools’ meal program and food pantry to help feed children and families in need.

“Grant and I will do our best to document and share everything mentioned above so that everyone who enjoyed watching the combined 550+ pounds of pure man try the “koala challenge” shirtless can continue to enjoy seeing all the good their money is doing in our Northwest Arkansas community,” Brewer wrote. “None of us are as strong as all of us.”