Fayetteville Public Education Foundation to host Celebration of Excellence event via livestream

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Here’s a local event that’s not canceled.

The Fayetteville Public Education Foundation today announced plans to host its annual Celebration of Excellence awards via Facebook Live on Monday, April 27.

The event, created to highlight educational achievements by local students and teachers, will include the presentation of over $420,000 in awards to help support Fayetteville Public Schools.

“Our community is too strong, our teachers too committed, and our students too exceptional to forego a celebration in their honor,” said Cambre Horne-Brooks, executive director for the foundation. We’ll be streaming live to share videos and stories featuring students and their unforgettable educational experiences all from the comfort of your own home.”

This year, the foundation distributed 66 innovative and pioneering teacher grants, and 11 scholarships to high school seniors. The funds came from the foundation’s endowment, and totaled over $187,000 in awards and scholarships. An additional $28,900 was awarded in grants gifted by corporations, foundations, and individuals.

Two new funds, the Barnhart-Eichmann Family Fund and the Mary Lou Miller Scholarship, were added to the endowment this year, and an additional gift from the Hunt Family through the Community Supports for Quality Early Childhood Care and Educational Fund will be announced during the live stream on Monday.

“It’s important to note that this was a community endeavor and that anyone can contribute to this fund, and we hope that the announcement will inspire others to do so.” Horne-Brooks said. “We feel the live stream is a meaningful way to stay connected during this unprecedented time.”

Grant recipients will be treated to a meal delivered from a local restaurant on Monday as well.

“We feel supporting our Fayetteville community is more important than ever,” Horne-Brooks said. “We want to honor our teachers, be inspired by our supporters, and lift up this incredible community of ours. We are too strong to let current circumstances deter us from supporting public education in Fayetteville.”

The livestream will take place at 7 p.m. on the 27th at Facebook.com/FayPubEduFoun.

For more info, visit fayedfoundation.org.